Olympos Divasa Hotel


Buffet breakfast and dinner

Olympos Divasa Hotel enjoyable and a special holiday thinks all the details to offer. Buffet breakfast and dinner are offered in flavors from your palate for a long time will not be deleted. In the kitchen, they eat mainly used hormone-free and natural environments are procured from farmers in and[…]

Every Evening Live Music

Live music every evening at the Olympos Hotel Divasa able to listen. Because there’s live music every night, so I already had it not been for live music every evening, every evening would not have been able to listen, right? We thought and said after eating dinner our guests according[…]

Cafe Bar ve Restaurant

Olympos Divas Hotel offers buffet breakfast and dinner as well as an à la carte dinner you can choose. You can make your choice from our rich food. The cafe-bar open all night while you drink a case to meet your all demands about serving you.

Room Service

Olympos Divasa Hotel spoils its guests with 24-hour room service. You just enjoy your room stays! From your room you have, without having to pass the room service for all your needs; your order, our friendly staff by will be served to your room quickly.


Parking is kind of a service I don’t know exactly, but parking is available. Especially in times of intense occurrence of the season can be a parking problem in Olympos. We have a big area to head you get comfortable. Parking is no problem.

Transfer from Antalya

If you arrive at Hotel Olympos to Olympos, Antalya – Divasa, but you don’t want to spend in a van between. In this case, just call us. 3 and 8 person transfer score someone meets you at the airport or bus station Divasa brings to Hotel. Call us for Transfer[…]