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Olympos, began a University Tours

Olympos year drawing visitors each month in one of rare holiday regions. In the summer especially in dense but with university students in the spring with a strand around the waist. March, April and May, Olympos’s calm whether a university student groups who offer Turkey’s four sides of a spring tours and welcome in Olympos.

Every year in the spring, as it is in this year’s university tours Olympos began to flock to a. And there is no overwhelming air of nature, and to bear witness to uyanısına Olympos to fill young people. In fact all of this in the spring as well as in their age appropriate prices are a major reason for the schedule. all at an affordable price in the Spring is very good according to figures released to stay possible in order to be able to perform.olympos_universite_turlari_1

Olympos Divasa Hotel and all student groups taking care of his very special promotions and special offers. A well Above average quality of Olympos Divasa Hotel young groups are privileged and very reasonable prices. For the price as well as for detailed information you can contact with us.

Last weekend agırladıgımız university student group, we had a very enjoyable time. Not only that they are with them and we had a great time, we were happy. During the day a walk around on beach and young people, with live music, shoot patlasın cal play that tasted like a night passed. If it is crazy shawls from Southeast Anatolia are a group with fire on beach at night to go and gave birth on the day karsıladır. For those who are lazy, which lasts until the morning of a stove chat is still dimagımızda taste.

Turkiye’s – wherever you are in what we call a bus dolusun come. This came as a result for Olympos is in progress even if it is to enjoy the best young people 🙂 We know that all of these factors into account, make available and young people in front of the facilities we offer special prices.

Olympos Divasa likes to set up a Hotel would be happy to hear the honors with your visitation (:

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