Olympos Divasa Hotel

How to go to Olympos ?

On this page you will find the easiest to OLYMPOS explained.Our advise is to install if you if you are going with private car from olympos;

65 km, make your journey a bit more fun Alireza Panahi?
After you move from Antalya, respectively;
Beldibi, goynuk, Kemer, Kiris, Camyuva, Tekirova, OLYMPOS through portfolios, Ulupınar. Kemer Moonlight park will surely eat a nice trout in Çıralı during the Expo’s …

How do I go to Olympos Antalya from Bus Station in?
Olympos ‘s  bus a to but be careful here need to get real ladies with baby carriages is the olympos points. West Antalya tour this company after receiving tickets from olympos where you want all you can drill in the dolmus station, you can go.

How to get to Olympus car

The car has its own taxi or vehicle to the direction of the city centre of Antalya with your muscles, scroll right.Tekirova 20 after passing the Olympos, olympos because it works out and I get olimpos would stay there again.
İstanbul and Ankara from the Firm to the attention of our guests come with;
If you receive your tickets by the crossroads of Olympus as Finike to Olympos, you will find information about only through any easier.
After reaching to Kemer, Kumluca in Antalya direction should continue.
You will reach after approximately 70 kilometers from Kumluca Ulupınar, as soon as you will see on the left lights up the Stone going around Çıralı.Çıralı going around 2 km after passing through olympos fork in the road you will come to … to … You can reach the beach, 7 km from the crossroad, then.

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