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Olympus is very beautiful, you come too :)

I mean beautiful. The most sociable sea âlâsı, green, pattern, patterns, it is possible to find both tranquility and most moving of entertainment. The day is filled with separate Olympos, night, beautiful separate. Five stars, this place is in a remote corner of the animation yapaylığından. No more of the fake intimacy, I’m afraid. The smiling people all around you, those are real smiles. Natural short. Both humans and the natural environment, natural. You can imagine the Turkey has one of the few unspoiled bays. When the sea is within the protected area does not exist. So the money is not yet kirletememiş. I have to walk to get to the sea. But it’s not a walk in the empty feeling you walk through, because history is navigated the ancient Lycian city. Walk from adımladığı trail of Alexander the great? Sağınız ancient ruins on your left. Immediately on your left before the sea rock tombs. They are still intact. Not like a tomb, they look at you like your grandmother’s hope chest. And the sea in front of you. Mediterranean blue. Blue everywhere, and by far the most common color in the world. But one of the most exclusive in Olympos. Do you have an exaggeration in the post? Come on out of there, come and see if you have doubts, you can do it yourself, be a witness. Return to the sea from the Bay of Olympos and some room after a look behind. The shadow of the wall rising like Musa mountain Olympos beach. Sun lounger, umbrella non-miles of long beach. The smell of money and yet rant on the sinmemiş. That is only natural. After the mountain, in front of the sea. The front of the Green, then blue. Most of these colors with the original state.

So good a strange Olympus Jacques.



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