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Myth and Olympos


Olympos is really important in terms of mythology. Olympos Mountain which is the name of region also has witnessed many legends about mythological gods. It is said that Olympos is the starting point of mythology and there many stories about that fact. Olympos hosts the Ancient Likya and the history of Olympos goes long back away. And there is love story about that time, so let’s read it.

According to legend, there are many kings in Olympos region in which Olympos wooden houses are located. One of those kings has a very beautiful daughter and her beauty is beyond compare. Thath is why the fame of girl goes beyond the Olympos and the famous trade centre Adalia ( Antalya) also knows this princess. The princess Sensum is so humble that all people love her in Olympos. However her father is extremely rich. She is really helpful, friendly and the richness of her father never makes her a spoiled girl. She dresses very ordinary like other people. She also lives with her family even if her father insists on bulding a house for her. The area where their house is located is called as paradise. There are many princes around her and they are all lover of her, but she does not care about them, because they mostly trust their wealth and she is looking for someone who really loves her. One day a trader , his name is Absque, comes to Olympos to trade. Of course he hears about the beauty of Sensum. When he walks on the street, he comes across Sensum and he charms because of her beauty and he starts to looks for a chance to talk. As soon as he finds that chance, he talks to her. Normally he trades and goes back to Adalia, but after he meets her, he becomes an addicted to Olympos. He connects to traders of Olympos to come more often. Absque has a different personality, he is loved by people who know him, but if he does not know somebody, he does not make effort to meet them. And it is weird. Two years pass after first meeting and Absque always espies. He is in love with her and he never says her, so it becomes a kind of platonic love. He is not a prince and he does not feel courage enough to talk to her that is why he hides his love. However it is a punishment for him.

One day the king calls Absque and he wants to make trade with him. Absque is surprised and he accepts to meet to king without thinking. It is a chance to be close to Sensum. The King wants him to make some works, at that time if King say build a new mountain by yourself, he would do it without doubts, and of course he accepts it. He wants to see Sensum’s smile everyday and feels her smell. Howver he wants to be both close and far. He getse xcited and be unable to breath. Sometimes he has to leave from Olympos because of his job, but at those times he always thinks about her and he does not feel good when he is far away. He starts to write letters to her and for the first time she replies and Absque tries to give some metamessages about his love and he expects Sensum to get these messages. One day Sensum gets angry and she does not write anymore. At that moment world becomes grey for Absque. He has not any idea about why she gets angry and this situation makes him upset. He becomes a desperate man and walks for miles everyday. There is only one thing in his mind smile of Sensum. He decides to go and learn why she does not write him, but he gives up since he fears about being rejected complately.

After a short time he goes to Olympos and meets to her. He always find a pretext to talk and he realizes that there is not any problems about them but distance. This legend is known even today around Olympos and this love story inspires many lovers.

The place in which this sory appears is the location of Divasa Hotel, so is it possible that Divasa, which means paradise in Snaskritic language, Hotel name comes from there ?

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