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Likya and Olympos

Olympos is a strange place. I know more or less who see Olympos. Especially the date has nothing to do with the ones they feel immediately that a separate spirit of Olympos. Both sides of the mountains is a snap in the Valley in recent years, better known as a resort. The resort also is not actually. The village is fine and he is not. Or is such a wonderful place. It’s hard to explain. Scattered hostels, hostels in the wake of even more intense, but that’s not very many. Hostels in General trimmings away from structure of luxury. The famous part of Olympos, in fact the majority of bungalow-style tree houses and hostels are also in this style. So if it’s your intention to Feyspuk like İnstagram pics from social networks “got money” may not be very suitable for this Olympus to dump air. We consider that the majority of the year by eating pasta, even college students who spent the holidays in Olympus can do. So Olympus A socioeconomic class is an instance of label problems, logic. It is also very cute, intimate.


Can you think of this post on cheap, cheap, poor quality of a place would connect. Affordable prices and offers natural environments, but is actually quite a comfortable holiday again this post is over. For example, our bungalows Hotel Olympos in the style of the room as Divasa but in shower-wc and internet connection, optional TV. Cleaning is an ambitious enterprise, we are serious about the proportions we can’t go without specifying. Breakfast and dinner is buffet style and taste our kitchen team they don’t like even to criticism about. Because they’re not used. Satisfaction rates lifted their noses a bit unfortunately, but of course it never şımartmadı. By improving themselves every day you are in the mood to eat more enjoyable.

In short (which wasn’t very short again) to Olympos quiet but lively, natural but comfortable accommodation at reasonable prices, but it’s a holiday alternative with the terms fresh offers.

We’ve been waiting.  (:

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