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Olympos a versatile holiday must be replaced if there is a distortion of nature but basically their age and virgin to the front with a paradise. give up and nature lovers in particular in which a specific region. you came up to a random social media news via our website, we’d like to share. In Istanbul, two young are grown for more information. Global organizing against the imbalances stand out from capitalist one, every opportunity to stand up against one of two tugba_birhan1clean heart. we shared Stories and hold down below but in summary nature to make up two brave heart. love is not love nature demonstrated not really in two nice people. Stories from Olympos and sandy Alakır between the change in the Valley and is currently still in progress. Nature in their living area and away from technology to their lives. Olympos hotel site in this story is a job you have to ask, so that you as a family Hotel Olympos Divasa this type share their beauty with you love it.

Also the “i cant adapt to nature to the Olympos Divasa” if you say, we’re here. You tree throat Nature in both natural and agırlayabilmemizi provides a comfortable environment.

Stories about these two beautiful people … if it is

, you can pair and Birhan, Caddebostan store which opened with his friends in the Caka” best-selling a youth grew in. Consumption of ordinary bireyleriyken, about 10 years ago and decided to change their lives in Antalya dagbasına settled in.

Tugba_birhan1Double, 10 years without water, without electricity and poor lived. with her first Rastalı them if they are “as well as demonic” and “gold” who thinks he, $99,000 as soon as possible, they accept samimiyetleriyle themselves.

Caddebostan store which opened in Istanbul, you can, born and grew up in. With Birhan kesisti High School path. Both came out with nature to school trips was introduced. Over time, nature together with friendship went to go to begin to explore and new things to do. All entries in the university. Part of the Department of Economics, you can, he tugba_birhan6finished, Birhan, stars in Technical, where he studied civil Engineering. 23-24 years old allowed families on their own, taking a India, they left him and went away. by bus, the Otostopla Balkanlar dolasa dolasa arrived in India, and have their own 1 year yetmeyi and feet on durabilmeyi learned.

In 2003, to the Iraqi War is peace against actions by participated in the ceremony. After making a lot of noise there protest to return to their homes, and then return to the Bush gibilerine” will come in handy to buy gear in uncomfortable because They already enjoyed a well respected.

Birhan, they decided to go to it, as follows: “We came out, you can look at with. As Aktivist yasantımızı surduruyorduk in town, but that within the system to go back and still has leaped out new George Bush’s name to ally, the ‘system’ we didn’t want to be.”

if it is, you can, the “peaceful, peaceful world, a ozlemimiz was there. Regardless of people we wanted to healthy food. Can we do that might be a urban environment’ we decided to go to go to,” he says.

Double-which are young case, Anatolia, was able to engage with a fine-tooth comb. Black Sea, but i got about 4 season in the Black Sea for life in difficult conditions for cevizdi nature. This time from Adana, went out and went to a ten thousand. In the Valley of Antalya Alakır a water mill, Exile when they’re taking a break in front of her, that’s when they saw themselves at a loss than one way. We are looking for “Ground” said when he saw her, as far as her response to Exile: “Every place ground lan! But you will be able to make it?” it may be that the decision of the location where they live. They

Double, Kuzca to their village 40 years ago on an abandoned land in their families with the support they have purchased and own lives. This new life is steps They explain as follows: “This place is a 15 acres land. But when we arrived we were officially forest. It is only 2-3 months suggested that cleaning. And, you can take down some truly tugba_birhan2-640x350momentous foes hands, nacakla, ground, then clean and we started with our own life. I am still ‘We the blind cahiliyiz’ I say. Every year that I am gerizekalı to become familiar with. That’s funny because we are always technical head and egitilmisiz. When we arrived we first ‘teacher’ age to 80, like us and based on one of his own, was living in.

Our hikayemizi helpful when explaining it to someone else to the children when they first iron bar trash beat’der. I want to be cut off, so that I work for him, but hatchet tutusumdan bileyleyisime bilmiyormusum anything up.”

young people come in with steel Rastalı, the close village with 7 km villagers in 40 bucks in Sogutcuması eye did not escape. especially in the two young people as well as demonic” who thinks he has been in, they came to look for the gold,” said also. But one by one over time that all door-to-door around and it is our intention to develop an “This is our youth,” said when they saw him, they also recognize the two sevmisler young people has changed.

They rejected and the ‘ignorant’ as they said their parents’ dedelerinin territory, and It would probably look something like their old life, I have had to the very head span, gencleriydi villagers.

Put it in the ‘This man reside on labor, including earth strive to earth, so that no harm’ does not mean a pair of matched surrounded,” he said. and, you can Birhan, is the addition of “Indian-type” one bedroom tent house they built.

In lavobo 100,000 bogus names, and have learned to use such as the bottom of the fridge. But Birhan’s “nature” is not an operating manual has been programd with experiences in: “I am a first time in a while I have just had a beating. my mouth like smoker’s candle beating beat nature. How to yuruyecegimi because, where to basacagımı kesecegimi, which I did not know how to branch. But it’s also an experience is no longer as a learned not to make any more things to do. ”

Birhan, he did 6 years ago but all nature afetine standing against it speaks volumes about that. “The nearby nature, the material at the right material. That’s why our ‘Alacık villagers’ in style, from their name, bush and the water basmanlı, as we have done. A structure has been instinctive 6 years but what he storms, floods, or there is nothing

in nature to live.” in a sense, they said, adding that what they have learned with an interesting moment in it: “The people are always stopping me table assembly which sweeps up and location of damaged and cleans me, but what is that “Birhan, hygiene disease is takılıyorlar” he came to you.

But at a location, but we salt dokulmustu onemsemedik. Then, we looked at a Karayilan, it’s a big. Stopped in here after my uncle, either. my first question is ‘Salt’ was doktunuz. No more drive-by shooting guard who unknowingly purchased salt. We have learned that this type of nature is no longer rules.”tugba_birhan5

The Z22, you can as a woman how to deal with nature? it speaks volumes about as follows: “Women in particular for washing machine and fridge sorunolabilir is not. But I hand washing machine detergents. compared to a larger I enjoy. do-it-yourself yıkayınca for +50 dishes because what do you know.

Wildlife, winter wolf, you can Move to any risk of water if it is. The animals are so sandıgınız does not seem to like. when we went out on the town, the ‘Oh’ so that the theft is more worry You. What are you waiting for. But here, you are aware that a direct saldırmaz pig people.

I think it’s a big city.” Birhan paranoyalar in eye to eye with his wife. “My friends, Birhan yasıyorsun courageously the mountain what?’ he says. It is up to you, murderer, child pornocusunun ırz dusmanının in how to lock up 30 yasıyorsun? I think it’s very bold city people. Up to 1,000 mostly U.S. traffic hazard that has no account.”

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