Olympos Divasa Hotel


Bucket List , First Row : Olimpos

After a week detached from the rest of the world – figuratively speaking – stay in the enigmatic town ofSiwa Oasis, I’m back again in Turkey.  My feet is itching, that means, it’s gonna be an exciting travel around the country!  At least after a couple of days rest in[…]

Sea-Sand-Sun : Olympos

Olympos, caretta caretta carettaların ovulation due to a zone area with Just the benefit of our holiday to put to sea to those from a unique blue and green Check consistency of tiers of membership with annual witness a sea, it has a beach.  Miles of beaches, pristine sea and[…]

Olympos Divasa Hotel

Olympos Divasa Hotel young staff, vision and General Meneger , long years isletmecilige tourist experience and the overall experience with guest satisfaction with owner of fine details and know that this is a road to travel. There was a little bit a long sentence, I think I need to open a[…]

Integrate nature to …

Olympos a versatile holiday must be replaced if there is a distortion of nature but basically their age and virgin to the front with a paradise. give up and nature lovers in particular in which a specific region. you came up to a random social media news via our website,[…]

If it has been a Spring Olympos.

It was a time when it was like a fairytale but let’s use. Not as much as 1 weeks before a fight of rain fell as the Olympos in difficult recipes today, woke up with a nice sun. Beautiful flowers come in all geographies but maybe it is not for[…]

The best beach : Olympos

Olympos Beach southern Europe’s best beach between 20 are shown. caretta caretta Caretta Caretta ovulation area of protected lands in the zone of the Olympos Beach so that Turkey’s in the clean beaches that can last as long as your new one. British tourist sites of southern Europe, where among[…]

Holiday Plans

Do you have holiday plans in Olympos? Bali holiday become a quite reasonable considering the assessment with the Olympus idea. Always calm and a Sun that warms, but the inner Çıralı beach that extends for miles, a warm sea, cool evening, feast on a lot of factors contained in the[…]

Do you know Gelidonya Feneri?

  Gelidonya Feneri is located in Teke peninsula which is a part of south of Antalya. It is not a crowded place and it is on the Likya Way which is one of the untouched places . So be ready to discover it! Gelidonya is the highest lighthouse on the[…]

Amazing ? Olimpos

Britain’s tourism authority on the web site Dealheacker lists the most interesting place to go in southern Europe was. There’s two places from Turkey on the list. one of them is famous for its fairy chimneys Cappadocia region and the other tree houses Olympos, Olympos, famous for its region.   Cappadocia[…]

Myth and Olympos

  Olympos is really important in terms of mythology. Olympos Mountain which is the name of region also has witnessed many legends about mythological gods. It is said that Olympos is the starting point of mythology and there many stories about that fact. Olympos hosts the Ancient Likya and the[…]