Olympos Divasa Hotel




Trekking is another activity in Olympos. The nature of Olympos serves evrything about this activity. Likya Road which is the longest trekking section in Turkey is in Olympos and it is 500 KMs, just imagine it. It is known globally. If yopu think that it is too long to walk then there is mountain Musa. You walk for 3 hours to reach the peak. When you arrive to there, you are going to witness an awesome view of coves and the nature of Olympos. To climb is little hard, but it is worth to reach the peak and enjoy this view. There are also ruins of Lykia era. The ministry of culture does not protect these ruins unfortunately.

There are many ways to go to trekking way, but there is one that we insistatnly recommend. Firstly you should go to Ulupınar in which there are many restaurants. These restaurants serve everything about Anatolia cuisine, that is why we tell you go there !! the best one is Tropik restaurants. We know it, because we have been there. The secret for you is that none knows that way for trekking. You walk inside a river which is down to Tropik Restaurant. It is about 5 KMs and when you finish this way, you will arrive in Çıralı Shore. Indeed it is not necessary to talk about the facilities for trekking in Olympos. Just come and see it, but do not forget to have a rest in Divasa Hotel.