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Divasa Hotel was built in 1999. The former owner of hotel was considerate about the name of hotel and he decided to Divasa which means paradise in Sankritic language. The name of Divasa Hotel which has served for fifteen years comes from there. The stuffs and owner of hotel work hard to make hotel a paradise like its name. Indeed hotel renewed in 2014. The new owner of the hotel Nazım YASLAN who is really experienced in turism industry works hard to make hotel more and more comfortable. Last winter, Nazım Yaslan started to work on detaisl about the hotel and he followed every steps of renewal in hotel. the new Divasa is out of ordinary but strictly matching the spirit of Olympos. The owner of hotel combined the modern facilities of accommudation with rituals of Olympos.

Nazım Yaslan is an expert in terms of organization of butique hotel, so it is not surprising that he constructs a hotel whose standards are above the Olympos. The general Manager of the Divasa Hotel also stands by the side of Nazmi Yaslan during the construction and renewal. The aesthetics of the hotel is designed by the General Manager. The contribution of the Manager and the experience of the Owner seem that this hotel is a product of team work. Divasa hotel is located on the skirt of Mountain Olympos, so you feel the perfectness of nature by listening the songs of birds.

The hotel witnesses different shades of green in each season. The architecture of hotel is like wooden houses in Olympos, but the comfort and the standards of hotel are above the ordinary wooden houses. The size of rooms, the facilities like TV, FREE WI-FI, BATHROOM and TOILET are all serving for you in Divasa Hotel. The hotel is on the

divasa_slider4walking distance to beach and this is another plus for hotel. The Divasa Hotel provides unforgettable moments with reasonable prices.








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